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A Horror/ Drama



Stephen Farruggia has been involved in live performance theatre for over 30 years and his resumé consists of well over 100 theatrical productions. Studying education and psychology, Stephen has worked as a theatre director and educator in several schools in the Black Hills. Most recently as the Drama Director at Steven’s High School in Rapid City. A talented thespian on and off the stage as an actor, director, producer, lighting tech and set designer, he also shares his gifts as a talented playwright as well.



Dracula BH Playhouse.jpg

Horror/Drama: An original adaptation by Stephen Farruggia of Bram Stoker’s classic horror novel. This show will mark the return of Sheraphim’s past “interactive” style Halloween shows made popular by originals like; “Searchers of the Black Death”, “Revillier Nightsong” & “Jabberwock Asylum”. Dracula begins with a Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor who is traveling to Transylvania to meet with Count Dracula. Harker endures a nightmarish stay within Dracula’s castle, which is only the beginning of even more hellish realities praying on his friends and family back home. Count Dracula, a vampire, begins his trail of blood and undead terror through London, seemingly unstoppable by any mortal force. Professor Van Helsing convinces Jonathan and his dear friends that if he wishes to save his fiancé Mina, they must charge into the very face of death and Dracula’s grasp to rid the world of his evil before all is lost.

Auditions for DRACULA will be held September 8th and & 9th @7:00pm

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